Second Day finals China dominate MAG and Romania WAG event

Competition Hall QAT 2012Doha (QAT) March 30, 2012: We conclude today the 5th FIG ART Challenge Cup with The Second part of Apparatus Finals with domination of China with 3 Gold and 2 silver Medals, following by Romania with 2 Gold and one silver medals. As expected the super PONOR Catalina wins the Balance Beam and the Floor exercise and ZOU Kai wins the Horizontal Bar.











Men`s Vault
1- DU Wei CHN 16.012
2- DAVTYAN Artur ARM 15.725
3- LYSZCZARZ Marek POL 15.550
4- KOCHERIN Viktor KAZ 15.425
4- BATAGA Cristian Loan 15.425
6- ALOTHMAN Naser KUW 14.400
7- AL-TAMEEMI Ali IRQ 14.312
8- ALHAMAD Nasser QAT 13.775

MAG Podium VT QAT 2012















Balance Beam
1- PONOR Catalina ROU 15.300
2- BRENNAN Ashleigh AUS 14.325
3- PIHAN-KULESZA Marta POL 13.900
4- LOPEZ Jessica VEN 13.750
5- STEINGRUBER Giulia SUI 13.575
6- WHELAN Hannah GBR 13.425
7- MONCKTON Mary Anne AUS 13.200
8- HILL Lisa Katharina GER 12.425

WAG Podium BB QAT 2012















Parallel Bars
1- GUO Weiyang CHN 15.275
2- CUCHERAT Yann FRA 15.200
3- CAPELLI Claudio SUI 14.900
4- RODRIGUES Danny FRA 14.725
5- BRAEGGER Pablo SUI 14.550
6- ALMEIDA CAMPOS Manuel POR 14.500
7- KIERZKOWSKI Adam POL 13.950
8- HUANG Yuguo CHN 13.175

MAG Podium PB QAT 2012














Floor Exercise
1- PONOR Catalina ROU 15.275
2- BULIMAR Diana Laura ROU 14.725
3- JIANG Yuyuan CHN 14.000
4- BRENNAN Ashleigh AUS 13.900
5- HILL Lisa Katharina GER 13.700
6- SAJN Adela SLO 13.675
7- PIHAN-KULESZA Marta POL 13.600
8- SABATOU Valentine FRA 13.325

WAG Podium FX QAT 2012
















Horizontal Bar
1- ZOU Kai CHN 16.075
2- CUCHERAT Yann FRA 15.275
3- GUO Weiyang CHN 14.900
4- CAPELLI Claudio SUI 14.750
5- COTUNA Vlad Bogdan ROU 14.725
6- BATINKOV Aleksandar BUL 14.450
7- CORDOBA Nicolas ARG 14.175
8- KULESZA Roman POL 13.650


Aspire Academy reward the best young gymnast of the event for respectively DAVTYAN Artur from Armenia and BULIMAR Diana Laura from Romania.

Aspire reward QAT 2012

























First day Apparatus Finals

Competition Hall QAT 2012Doha (QAT) March 29, 2012: The first day Apparatus Finals was affirmed day for some gymnast to confirm their domination for the apparatus that was expected to win like the floor exercise which was won by the Olympic and world Champion the Chinese Zou, Kai with 15.500 who was fourth during the qualifications following by the Croatian Tomislav MARKOVIC with 15.025 pts and the third place gone to the Roman COTUNA Vlad Bogdan with 14.825 pts.











Floor Exercice
1-  ZOU Kai CHN 15.500
2- MARKOVIC Tomislav CRO 15.025
3- COTUNA Vlad Bogdan ROU 14.825
4- SMITH Andrew IRL 14.575
5- VERBAEYS Jimmy BEL 14.250
6- KLAVORA Rok SLO 14.025
7- HUANG Yuguo CHN 13.775
8- BATINKOV Aleksandar BUL 13.150

 MAG Podium FX QAT 2012















The vault event was won by the Suisse STEINGRUBER Giulia with 14.662 pts following by the German gymnast JAROSCH Nadine with 13.837 pts and third BELAK Teja from Slovenia with 13.812 pts, The South African gymnast BECKETT Kirsten is not her day and lost the second place and gone to the foorth place. Qatar choose the wild card for AL-HABSHI Aljazy to participate on the vault.

1- STEINGRUBER Giulia SUI 14.662
2- JAROSCH Nadine GER 13.837
3- BELAK Teja SLO 13.812
4- BECKETT Kirsten RSA 13.587
5- MUTLU Demet TUR 13.287
6- MANASSOVA Togzhan KAZ 12.850
7- FRANDOFERT Monika POL 12.787
8- ANTIPENKO Olga KAZ 12.762
9- AL-HABSHI Aljazy QAT 11.762

 WAG Podium VT QAT 2012















The second surprise in the Pommel Horse was the fall made by SELIGMAN Robert from Croatia after his second position in the qualification lost his medal and gone to the Chinese LIAO Qiuhua who was seventh in qualification

Pommel Horse
1- BERTONCELJ Saso 15.225
2- LIAO Qiuhua CHN 14.825
3- TOMMASONE Cyril FRA 14.625
4- DAVTYAN Artur ARM 14.575
5- KALLAI Zoltan HUN 14.550
6- BATAGA Cristian Loan ROU 14.525
7- HIDVEGI Vid HUN 14.075
8- SELIGMAN Robert CRO 12.475

 MAG Podium PH QAT 2012

















No surprise in Uneven Bars with the same ranking as qualifications wined by the super TWEDDLE Elizabeth from Great Britain with 15.175 followed by the Chinese JIANG Yuyuan with 14.875 and third HILL Lisa Katharina from Germany with 14.575 pts.

Uneven Bars
1- TWEDDLE Elizabeth GBR 15.175
2- JIANG Yuyuan CHN 14.875
3- HILL Lisa Katharina GER 14.575
4- IORDACHE Larisa ROU 14.525
5- PIHAN-KULESZA Marta POL 14.275
5- BULIMAR Diana Laura ROU 14.275
7- STEINGRUBER Giulia SUI 13.775
8- JAROSCH Nadine GER 13.725


WAG Podium UB QAT 2012















The Chinese LIAO Qiuhua surprised the French RODRIGUES Danny who was first during qualification by winning the Rings with 15.575 pts; second VAHAGN Davtyan from Armenia with 15.550 pts and third RODRIGUES Danny with 15.525 pts.
RODRIGUES Danny said "he is happy with his bronze medal and he don`t know about the level of the gymnasts that was before him, it is just a series of the world cup and he have to work hard to keep the high level technique".

1- LIAO Qiuhua CHN 15.575
2- VAHAGN Davtyan ARM 15.550
3- RODRIGUES Danny FRA 15.525
4- TOVMASYAN Artur ARM 15.275
4- TOBA Andreas GER 15.275
6- MOLINARI Federico ARG 14.950
7- BATAGA Cristian Loan ROU 14.875
8- ZAHRAN Ali Ramadan EGY 14.675

 MAG Podium SR QAT 2012

Games on the minds for gymnasts in Doha

Press Conference WC QAT 2012DOHA (QAT) March 28, 2012: London Olympic Games will be on the minds of the participants at the 5th World Cup of Artistic Gymnastics beginning at Aspire Academy today.
Britain’s Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Kimberly Tweddle joins Olympic champions from China Zou Kai and Jiang Yuyuan, Ireland’s rising star Kieran Behan, Romania’s Catalina Ponor and China’s Yuyuan JIANG at the three-day championship.
Ali Al Hitmi, President of Qatar Gymnastics Federation (QGF), said nearly 240 particpants representing 31 countries - including Britain’s Tweddle - will compete at the three-day event.
“Taking part in the Olympic Games is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. And the next one happens to be on our home soil. So for most British gymnasts, every event like this one in Doha, is a stepping-stone towards qualifying for a berth at the London Games,” Tweddle said yesterday.
The Briton, who is a three-time world champion having won the 2010 World Championships and 2006 World Championships on the uneven bars and the 2009 World Championships on the floor, will take part in the uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercises.
Ireland’s Behan, who ranked 4th in London 2012 Test Event Floor Apparatus final with a score of 14.900, said: “I am using this event to prepare for the World Championships to be held in China next week. This is a very important championship for all of us preparing for that event and then the London Games.”
The Irish artistic gymnast, who will compete in the floor exercises, added: “My aim here is to go and try a new routine and try to do a clean job. I want to try new things so let’s see how it goes.”
Despite this being the Games year, Romania’s Ponor is not overawed by the challenges ahead.
“I always try to remain calm and composed, That’s the way I am,” Ponor said with a smile. “I am trying to be in a good shape for my events. I want to be in the shape I was in 2004,” the 24-year-old added.
Ponor will contest the balance beam and the floor events.
Yuyuan, the 2008 Chinese all-around senior National Champion and a member of the gold medal-winning team at the 2008 Summer Olympics, said: “We are preparing for the Olympic Games. We take every event seriously. We work very hard. We will do the same here. It will be difficult.” Yuyuan will compete in the balance beam, floors exercises and the uneven bars.
Linlin, a member of the Chinese team that won the team gold medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, is a three-time World Cup gold medallist. She was the 2009 world champion and the current national champion on balance beam.
Qatar will be represented by   six gymnasts, four boys and two girls, Al Hitmi said.
He confirmed that Qatari gymnasts will be joined by players from Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia and Kuwait.
“The Qatar Gymnastics Federation is proud to be hosting so many great gymnasts for this event,” Al Hitmi said.
“With the attendance of more than 117 gymnasts from around 31 countries, once again, this big event will host the names that matter in gymnastics.
“I’m sure that fans will enjoy this world-class competition and encourage our national gymnasts and support them this week,” he added.
Qatar’s Wohdan Shaden, who won five medals at the Arab Games held in Doha in December, said: “We are looking to gain experience from this event. I am slowly recovering from an ankle injury so I hope I can do a decent job. I will be competing in the balance beam competition.”

18 WAG Judges Meeting attend the meeting

WAG Judges meeting WC QAT-2012Doha  (QAT) CM Office, March 27, 2012: Mr. Anis SAOUD Venue Manager opened the meeting and passed on a welcome message, wishing the judges a wonderful stay in the Doha and success in their endeavour. He wished all participants successful competitions. Mr. Youshie HARINISHIE gives an overview of operational procedures and organisational made the draw of lot of the judge panels of competition I which is Individual Qualifications events.

WAG Judges meeting WC QAT-2012