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After a good performance of Chinese gymnasts in Doha World Cup 2010

29 March, 2010

China gymnastics team Doha 2010Doha (QAT) – March 29, 2010: The day following the Doha tournament, a FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup event, participating gymnasts gave themselves over to a welcomed day of rest.
In response to an invitation from Mr Abdulrhaman Alshathri (QAT), President of the Asian Gymnastics Union, gymnasts of the Chinese delegation were received in Alshathri’s traditional tent located in the marvellous city of Syline, followed by an afternoon swim.
The Chinese athletes were more than deserving of their day off, having garnered 6 Gold medals under Doha’s Aspire Dome. The delegation was comprised of female gymnasts Wu Liufang and Huang Qiushuang, and male gymnasts Huang Yuguo, Cao Yulong, Du Wei, Chen Xuezhang, Dong Zhedong and Zhang Chenglong.
The delegation of Canada and South Africa was also present in the journey.
Huang, Cao and Chen will be returning to China while the names of Wu, Huang, Du, Dong and Zhang are already registered on the nominative list of the French stage of the FIG World Cup, April 10 – 11, at the POBP, Paris-Bercy Omnisport Palace.

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