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Fisrt day Final 23-3-2010

24 March, 2010

Medal_ceremony_WC-Doha-2010Doha (QAT) – March 23, 2010: Doha’s Aspire Dome hosted its first day of Finals today. The preliminary results are showing a narrowed gap between traditionally top-placing nations and those moving up the ranks. Technical levels have skyrocketed, and to effectively harness that the FIG has developed and reinforced its educational programme.
From a communication standpoint, however, it’s all about the gymnasts. They’re the ones in the public eye, and it is important to provide them with both a platform and a substantial amount of visibility if the public and television are to get a good look. The way to do that is by providing quality events within close proximity to the athletes, so that even the most financially challenged can get a chance to pursue their dreams. Doha is a perfect example of how to create an event that spurs development at both the foundation and apex of an athletic pyramid; and the Aspire Dome provides an excellent backdrop of well-oiled organisation and a national federation galvanised into claiming the World Cup label, if not more.
A look at the Finals.

Men’s Floor
Du Wei (CHN), 23, Vault specialist, multiple World Cup title holder. A spirited and flawless exercise. Solid. (15.000).
Ashish Kumar (IND), 19 years old and making spectacular progress since placing 68th at the 2009 London Qualifications. Solid performance but with a Difficulty level slightly lower than Wei. (14.175).
Jeffrey Wammes (NED), 22 and with plenty of solid experience under his belt. 11th in the All-around and Floor Qualifications of the 2009 London Worlds. Great horizontal twists. His landings left something to be desired (15.050).
Anton Wirt (GER), 22 years old and competing in one of the first international events of his career. A powerful gymnast, he conveys aesthetic beauty (13.725), but lacks in Difficulty.
Hisashi Mizutori (JPN), 30 and Olympic Team Champion in Athens 2004. He’s a creature of habit with a smooth-running routine. Add to that an artistic touch and the Japanese delivers! 15.075.
Huang Yuguo (CHN), 20 years old and participating in his first World Cup. A success. Elegant and with plenty of flight, Yuguo took risks and did it well. 15.200.
Jad Mazahreh (JOR), 23 and with several world championship participations. Jordan born, Mazahreh had the enthusiastic public in his pocket. Nicely done. (14.725).
Tomislav Markovic (CRO), is last year’s Floor title holder in Doha! Not even his height (175 cm) keeps him from performing pirouettes. No luck repeating last year’s performance: 14.875.

The podium

1- Huang Yuguo (CHN), 15.200
2- Hisashi Mizutori (JPN), 15.075
3- Jeffrey Wammes (NED), 15.050



















Women’s Vault
Jennifer Khweal (RSA), 18 years and 59th in the 2009 London Qualifications. Superb first vault. Half turn to support, backward stretched salto and full turn. Forward piked salto with a flawless landing. (13.850 – 13.950 / 13.900)
Tijana Tkalcec (CRO), 20 and a specialist on Vault. Forward piked salto with half turn for the first vault. Back support, piked salto with full turn (13.750 – 13.525 – 13.637)
Dipa Karmakar (IND), 17 years old and first World Cup appearance. First vault lacking in Difficulty and a sloppy landing. The second, forward stretched salto with a half turn is decidedly better. (13.200 – 13.075 / 13.137)
Ida Jonsson (SWE), 17 years old and of Vietnamese origin, debuted at the Milan European Championships and the London Worlds in 2009. Backward stretched salto and a twist, Yurchenko, forward piked salto and a significant step to the side at landing. (13.450 – 12.950 / 13.200)
Teja Belak (SLO), 16 years old this year and a first World Cup appearance. Forward piked salto and half swing for the first vault. For the second, backward salto stretched with a twist. Backward step on landing. (13.350 – 13.575 / 13,462)
Goksu Uctas (TUR), soon to be 20 with an international presence since 2006. Elegant in flight, but an imprecise landing. (14.125 – 12.825 / 13.475)
Ozlem Ozkan (TUR), 16 years old and competing for the first time in a World Cup Final. Well-executed first vault but lacking pizzazz. (12.725 – 12.675 / 12.700)
Angel Wong Hiu Ying (HKG), 22 and Vault specialist (Silver medal at the 2008 Asian Championships, also held here in Doha). First vault was flawless, but a slipshod second landing. (13.650 – 13.325 / 13.487)

The podium

1- Jennifer Khweal (RSA), (13.850 – 13.950 / 13.900)
2- Tijana Tkalcec (CRO), (13.750 – 13.525 – 13.637)
3- Angel Wong Hiu Ying (HKG), (13.650 – 13.325 / 13.487)
















Pommel Horse
The Pommel Horse competition was the closest yet. Hungarian and Croatian were both strong candidates for a victory.
Sebastian Krimmer (GER),19 years old and here for his first World Cup with assistant coach Valery Belenki. A masterful exercise. Good content and solid execution. A perfect combination! Slight hesitation on dismount. 15.200
Donna Donny Truyens (BEL), 20 years old and able to boast an impressive career. Multiple Pommel Horse World Cup titles. Solid, powerful and a sweet dismount! 14.425. A cut above his usual performance level.
Hisashi Mizutori (JPN) struck out, faltered and… fell! He got back up and finished with difficulty. 12.425
Brian Gladow (GER), 22 and participating in Doha’s 2009 World Cup. An extremely free-flowing exercise with the exception of a botched dismount. 12.475
Filip Ude (COR), a 23 year old veteran and Pommel Horse specialist. He earned a Silver at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, but fared much worse here in Doha with weak Difficulty. 13.575
Dong Zhendong (CHN) simply flew over the apparatus! Nicely done! A real crowd pleasing performance. 14.925
Robert Seligman (CRO), 24 and a star Pommel  Horse player. He placed 7th at the recent worlds in London 2009. But today was not his day. He lacked the strength to finish his exercise. 14.500
Krisztian Berki (HUN), 25 years old and comfortable in the saddle. Three-times European Champion 2007, 2008, 2009. And he’s still rearing to go! A sterling performance. 15.750

The podium

1- Krisztian Berki (HUN), 15.750
2. Sebastian Krimmer (GER), 15.200
2- Dong Zhendong (CHN), 14.925




















Uneven Bars
Bianca Dancose-Giambattista (CAN), 16 and a first World Cup participation. Well-mastered exercise despite faltering at landing. 13.800
Teja Belak (SLO) fumbled at the outset, starting twice. Discouragement all around. 10.975
Marta Pihan-Kulesza (POL), 23 years old and at the top since 2004. Marta delivered today with spectacular execution, but lacked content. 13.625
Daniele Hypolito (BRA), 26 years old and the oldest gymnast here in Doha. She participated in 3 Olympiads (Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008). Her experience spoke for her with solid difficulties, but weak Execution. A step forward on landing. 12.750
Laurie Eve Pepin-Gagne (CAN), 18 years old with a World Cup career under her belt. A bar specialist, she went the extra mile and proved her reputation. Solid exercise and a double twist dismount. 13.725
Ida Gustafsson (SWE), 16 this year and a World Cup career debut. Higher results come with time; her exercise lacked Difficulty. 13.325
Wu Liufang (CHN), 16 years old and on the threshold of an international career. Liufang lost her bearings performing a giant circle and lost her rhythm in one fell swoop. A good amount of Difficulty and Execution brought 13.850 points, and a ray of hope.
Huang Qiushuang (CHN), 18, is at her first World Cup ever. A performance to be proud of. 15.025

The podium

1- Huang Qiushuang (CHN), 15.025
2- Wu Liufang (CHN) 13.850
3-  Bianca Dancose-Giambattista (CAN), 13.800





















Still Rings
Caio Americo Costa (BRA), 22 and in Doha for his first World Cup. Excellent Execution, but a visible lack of Difficulty. 13.575
Rakesh Patra (IND), 18 years old and a first World Cup appearance. An unfortunate routine for a gymnast who shows real talent. 11.775
Ng Kiu Chung (HKG), 18 years old, she appeared on the international scene for the first time at the 2009 London World Championships. This is a gymnast that does not cease to progress. A sure-fire star player for Asia. 14.050
Partah Mondal (IND). At 21, she’s making her debut on the World Cup scene. And she’s looking good! Convincing Execution, but lacking Difficulty. 13.675
Jeffrey Wammes (NED) is unshakeable and experienced. His list of laurels speaks for itself. 14.050 and tied with the Hong Kong native.
Adam Kierzkowski (POL), 24. He’s a Parallel Bar specialist on the international circuit since 2006. On the Rings, Adam is in his element, but lacks Difficulty here. 13.925
Kazuki Machida (JPN), barely twenty and competing at his first international event. Machida’s a master, following in the footsteps of Tomita! A small blunder on landing, but a solid show of strength nonetheless. 14.275
Ali Al-Asi (JOR), 22 years of age, took the Bronze on Rings at the Asian Championships here in Doha! Ali is simply fantastic! He rocked the hall today with a perfect exercise. The fans went wild. Jordan has a champion. 15.275 and the Gold.

The podium

1- Ali Al-Asi (JOR 15.275
2- Kazuki Machida (JPN), 14.275
3- Ng Kiu Chung (HKG), and Jeffrey Wammes (NED), 14.050