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Hungary Steals the Show in Pommel Horse Finals

29 March, 2013

Vid-Hidvegi in the right sideThe Hungarians shined in the pommel horse finals as London 2012 Olympic champion, Krisztian Berki won the gold medal, while his fellow mate Vid Hidvegi settle for the bronze.
Berki, who is considered as the poster athlete in Hungary as he was elected as Sportsman of the year twice in his home country, has risen to a new level of fame after becoming an Olympic champion last summer.
“ Once I was walking with him near our gym and in five minutes, we were stopped by three people who wanted take a picture,” said Hidvegi about Berki’s celebrity-like life.
Hidvegi also added that Berki is inspiring more youngsters now in Hungary to practice gymnastics after all of his tremendous achievements he has done for the sport.
Regarding his bronze medal performance, Hidvegi said, “I am happy but I am not completely satisfied. Let’s say I am 90 percent happy. There are minor mistakes in my routine that I definitely need to fix because we have the European Championships in two weeks.”
The Hungarian duos are enjoying their time in Qatar as Berki said, “The competition in Qatar is very good. There is a big hall, very friendly people and many Hungarian fans.”

By  Mai Akkad, Media Committee