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Qatar Bidding for the 2018 World Cup Gymnastics

28 March, 2013

ART World Championships Doha 2018 Qatar is bidding for the 2018 World Cup Gymnastics, the President of the Qatar Gymnastics Federation, Ali al-Hitmi confirmed to reporters yesterday.
The delegations that have been competing in Doha in the now called FIG World Challenge Cup Artistic Gymnastics, praised the standards of the event, claiming that Doha should host the World Cup.
“They (delegations) informed us why Qatar does not host the World Cup because we have all the facilities and the situation and the foundation of gymnastics is perfect,” said al-Hitmi, who added that the FIG president is also supporting the bid.
Aspire, the venue of the FIG competition is favored by the gymnasts due to the proximity of the training halls and the podium as well as the Olympic set up of the podium, according to al-Hitmi.
Additionally, the Romanian Head Coach for the women’s team, Octavian Bellu said in a press conference on Monday that Qatar should host more competitions since they have all the resources to host world-class events.
The Qatar Gymnastics Federation chose to bid for the World Cup in 2018 to attract more gymnasts who wish to qualify for the 2020 Olympic games.

By Mai Akkad, Media Committee