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Qatar Receives the New Antwerp Apollo Floor

29 March, 2013

New Antwerp Apollo FloorQatar is the first country in the world to receive the new highly advanced Antwerp Apollo Floor for the floor exercise event by Janssen Fritsen, the manufacturer of professional gymnastics equipment and apparatus.
The new floor is different from the previous ones in that it has more rebound and springs to help the gymnasts jump higher without being detrimental to their safety. “It is a perfect product to develop the new generations of gymnasts,” said Thierry Deleuze, the product manager gymnastics in the company.
Other advantages of this new high quality floor are that it is very durable and easy to transport. “It is cheaper to transport because it is smaller and also in climates where it is hot and humid, it will stay in the same condition,” said Bart Prinssen, the Export manager.
Commenting on the new floor was London 2012 Olympic Champion Arthur Zannetti as he said that he has tested the new floor in the podium training and was very impressed by its upgraded standard.
The FIG certified floor will be introduced later on this year in the World Championships and will soon be delivered to other venues, according to Prinssen.
By Mai Akkad, Media Committe