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Zou Kai will be the star of the event

11 March, 2011

Zou Kai - CHNIn the presence ZOU Kai  is the leading Floor Masters in the world, ZOU Kai stole the victory in Beijing, showing what the new Code of Points is all about – maximum Difficulty (6.7) plus sterling Execution (9.350 – the highest in the competition)! he wins the Gold for China in floor exercise during the Olympic Games of Beijjing 2008.
Kai is the third Chinese- Olympic Champion on Floor, after Li Ning in 1984 and Li Xiaoshuang in 1992.

General Interests
Hobbies: Surfing the internet and keeping his weight down. ( 14/06/08)
Club name: Sichuan: Sichuan, China
Coach: Bai Yuanshao ( 14/06/08)
Additional information: General
After the Sichuan earthquake in May 2008, he initially lost contact with his family who were living in Luzhou and was eager to return home to find his parents. They contacted him before he left and he continued his training.

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Zou Kai - CHN