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It’s not easy to manage studies and gymnastics: Ferhat

16 March, 2017

Doha (QAT) March 16, 2017: Ferhat Arıcan, who became the first Turkish male gymnast to compete in the Olympics after 108 years at the Rio Games last year, said it was difficult to manage sports and education.
“It’s difficult to carry on both, but the one who can manage both become achievers. I prioritized sports over education, but my teachers at the university were very understanding and helpful,” said the 23-year-old.
“To carry on both requires a lot of effort and hard work. When I studied, I focused on it.  I gave importance to studies and was also keen to get a university degree,” added Ferhat, who will be seen in action at the FIG Artistic Individual Apparatus World Cup in Doha next week.
Ferhat came third on floor at the Melbourne series last month behind Japan’s Kenzo Shirai and China’s Jile Mu.
Turkey has ever mastered in the sport and Goksu Uctas became the first Turkish in Olympic history to compete at the London Games in 2012.
“I’m proud to be the first male gymnast to compete in the Olympics,” said Ferhat, who started the sport at nine.
“It doesn’t look like a long enough time, but I tried to work harder than others to become what I’m now,” he added.